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©️2020 世界遺産「神宿る島」宗像・沖ノ島と関連遺産群保存活用協議会

It has been more than 5000 years since the birth of calligraphy, and countless masterpieces have been created. My own work is driven by my sense of awe of the great artists who have built history. Calligraphy has captured my heart and will not release it.


Following the post-war boom of avant-garde artistic styles and foreign influences, including the introduction of oil and canvas into the realm of calligraphy, the initial enthusiasm for those energies has abated. Now that there is widespread acceptance of the new expansion of the art world, calligraphy can be more free than it has been in traditional art forms. As an artist living in this era, my mission is to look to the future and create new literary art forms and art works.

The world is not always fair, but it can be beautiful.



Japanese Calligrapher / Contemporary Artist



Master of Calligraphy Encouragement Association

Museum Curator


慶應義塾大学環境情報学部卒業。日本で最も古い歴史を持つ競書誌として知られる「筆之友」(書道奨励協會)において17 歳で師範取得。全国高等学校総合文化祭出品。中国古法の書および和様の書を能くし、独自の書法は”鎬(しのぎ)が立った”と評される切れ味の良さと線質の美しさを特徴とする。美術家として「生命」「風景との調和」をテーマに据えた前衛的な創作活動を並行する。

I was raised in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, becoming familiar with calligraphy from the age of five. Studying through my school years, I acquired a calligraphy master grade in high school, and exhibited at the National High School Cultural Festival, also known as the Interscholastic Artist Competition of Japan. I have learned the ancient styles of both Chinese and Japanese calligraphy. My work is characterized by the qualities of strength, clarity and beauty in its sharp-edged lines. Out of my study of designs and history of Eastern and Western art at Keio University, I actively created works inspired by all types of art, based mostly on classics but not drawn only in traditional style. The consistent theme of my works are “Life” and “Harmony”. The innovative styles that bring contemporary sensibility to calligraphy, such as in the “Butterfly” or “Accept” series, have been exhibited and evaluated in Japan and overseas.


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